This is the recreation of the CD 32.

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How about Gerbers?

Pick N Place file? well you can use the Components.txt file. I sadly cannot give out PnP files of the very very simple reason: if ANY component goes out of stock I get flooded with supportrequests to make a new file: this takes way too much time for me to handle. so out of this simple reason I simply cannot do that. but ALL data is available in the components.txt file

What is it?

It is a clone of the CD 32 Rev 3. It is a cooperation between Róbert Tihanyi from hungary and me (John Hertell)
Róbert did all traces and I did the inner layers, and some finalizing. Also putting all componentvalues etc.

There is some slight changes from the original board:

Leds onboard for 5V, LED and Activity.
RF modulator swapped to a VGA out (Fully buffered), it still requires 15KHz compatible monitor.
Composite / SVideo circuit is changed to the same as on the ReAmiga 1200 for a better quality. and no need of the “Delaylines” that are unobtainable.
Added a jumper to enable/disable 32 bit ROM Support.
Added a optional serialport (NO support for handshaking)
Added pads for modern parts of the low voltage detector
The Throughhole resistorpatch on CD32 is removed and added with a SMD Resistor.
Added a jumper to set what mode the machine should start in PAL or NTSC

Mfr. NoComponentOrder Qty.Description
CRCW12060000Z0EAC2Thick Film Resistors - SMD 1/4Watt 0ohms Commercial Use
CRGS2512J1R02Thick Film Resistors - SMD CRGS2512 5% 1R0
CRCW12061K50JNEAC1Thick Film Resistors - SMD 1/4Watt 1.5Kohms 5% Commercial Use
CRGCQ1206J100R3Thick Film Resistors - SMD CRGCQ 1206 100R 5% SMD Resistor
CRCW1206100KJNEAC4Thick Film Resistors - SMD 1/4Watt 100Kohms 5% Commercial Use
RC1206FR-1010KL12Thick Film Resistors - SMD 10 kOhms 250 mW 1206 1%
CR1206-FX-1001ELF27Thick Film Resistors - SMD 1K 1%
RC1206FR-0710ML2Thick Film Resistors - SMD 10 MOhms 250 mW 1206 1%
CRCW1206120RFKEAC1Thick Film Resistors - SMD 1/4Watt 120ohms 1% Commercial Use
CRCW120615R0JNEBC1Thick Film Resistors - SMD 1/4Watt 15ohms 5% Commercial Use
RC1206FR-07180RL1Thick Film Resistors - SMD 180 Ohms 250 mW 1206 1%
CRGCQ1206F18K4Thick Film Resistors - SMD CRGCQ 1206 18K 1% SMD Resistor
RC1206FR-0722KL2Thick Film Resistors - SMD 22 kOhms 250 mW 1206 1%
CR1206-FX-24R9ELF3Thick Film Resistors - SMD 24.9ohm 1%
CR1206-FX-27R0ELF18Thick Film Resistors - SMD 27ohm 1%
CR1206-FX-3300ELF4Thick Film Resistors - SMD 330ohm 1%
RC1206FR-0733KL3Thick Film Resistors - SMD 33 kOhms 250 mW 1206 1%
CRS2512-JW-4R7ELF2Thick Film Resistors - SMD 4.7ohms 2W 5% TCR200 RES SMD
CRCW12064K70FKEA55Thick Film Resistors - SMD 1/4watt 4.7Kohms 1%
CR1206-FX-47R0ELF3Thick Film Resistors - SMD 47ohm 1%
CR1206-FX-4700ELF12Thick Film Resistors - SMD 470ohm 1%
AC1206JR-07470KL2Thick Film Resistors - SMD 470kOhms 1/4W 1206 5% AEC-Q200
RC1206FR-0747KL5Thick Film Resistors - SMD 47 kOhms 250 mW 1206 1%
CR1206-FX-49R9ELF3Thick Film Resistors - SMD 49.9ohm 1%
CR1206-JW-680ELF61Thick Film Resistors - SMD 68ohm 5%
CR1206-JW-681ELF1Thick Film Resistors - SMD 680ohm 5%
CRCW120675R0FKEB6Thick Film Resistors - SMD 1/4watt 75ohms 1%
2512061517Y313Ferrite Beads MULTILAYER CHIP BEAD Z=150 OHM@100MHz 25
2512061027Y121Ferrite Beads MULTILAYER CHIP BEAD Z=1K OHM @100MHz 25
B-01-A3Ferrite Beads 5A Bead Lead DCR=2Ohms
CR1206-JW-682ELF3Thick Film Resistors - SMD 6.8K 5%
8850122080753Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT WCAP-CSGP 1000pF 1206 10% 50V MLCC
C1206C104M5RACTU15Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT 50V 0.1uF X7R 1206 20%
8850120080049Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT WCAP-CSGP 100pF 1206 5% 10V MLCC
8850122081125Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT WCAP-CSGP 100V 0.01uF 1206 10%
CC1206JRNPO9BN1212Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT 50 V 120pF C0G 1206 5%
CL31B224KBFNNNF41Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT SAMSUNG
88501200800212Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT WCAP-CSGP 22pF 1206 5% 10V MLCC
CL31B334KBFNNNE1Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT 330nF+/-10% 50V X7R 1206
8850120080201Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT WCAP-CSGP 33pF 1206 5% 25V MLCC
1206N392J500CT2Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT 3900pF +-5% 50V
CC1206KKX7R9BB4744Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT 50V 0.47uF X7R 1206 10%
12065C471KAT2A7Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT 50V 470pF X7R 1206 10%
12065C473K4T2A15Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT 50V .047uF X7R 1206 10% Tol
CC1206KRX7R9BB68214Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT 50V 6800pF X7R 1206 10%
CRCW12068K20FKEAHP2Thick Film Resistors - SMD 3/4watt 8.2Kohms 1% High Power AEC-Q200
16SEPF1000M2Aluminium Organic Polymer Capacitors 16volts 1000uF ESR 12mohm
8751053440105Aluminium Organic Polymer Capacitors WCAP-PSLP 16V 100uF 20% ESR=20mOhms
8751053590013Aluminium Organic Polymer Capacitors WCAP-PSLP 16V 10uF 20% ESR=30mOhms
8751053590036Aluminium Organic Polymer Capacitors WCAP-PSLP 16V 22uF 20% ESR=30mOhms
8751153500023Aluminium Organic Polymer Capacitors WCAP-PSHP 16V 220uF 20% ESR=20mOhms
10SVP4R7M4Aluminium Organic Polymer Capacitors 10volts 4.7uF ESR 240mohm
8751053440063Aluminium Organic Polymer Capacitors WCAP-PSLP 16V 47uF 20% ESR=30mOhms
TAJA106K016RNJV1Tantalum Capacitors - Solid SMD 16V 10uF 10% 1206 1206 SMD
JZ1501Trimmer/Variable Capacitors 3.0 -15pF 100volts
LQH31MN2R7K03L2RF Inductors - SMD 2.7 UH 5%
MMBFJ2112RF JFET Transistors NCh RF Transistor
2N7002HR4MOSFET 2N7002H/SOT23/TO-236AB
BC856A,2159Bipolar Transistors - BJT BC856A/SOT23/TO-236AB
MMBT3904,2158Bipolar Transistors - BJT MMBT3904/SOT23/TO-236AB
1N6478-E3/965Rectifiers 1.0 Amp 50 Volt
MMBD7000HC-7-F5Diodes - General Purpose, Power, Switching S. SIG DIODE,SWITCH 0.35W,100V
TC54VN4302ECB7132Supervisory Circuits 4.3V Volt Detector
BZX8450-C6V2-QR1Zener Diodes BZX8450-C6V2-Q/SOT23/TO-236AB
M2022TXW41-FA1Rocker Switches ON-ON VERTICAL PC .450 BLACK ROCKER 6A
182-009-113R1712D-Sub Standard Connectors 9P Male R/A ground straps 4-40 inserts
5749230-11Circular DIN Connectors M-DIN 1X1 04P REC R/A T/H
5749266-11Circular DIN Connectors 6 P R/A W/O HOLDDOWN
156-3315-E1D-Sub High Density Connectors HD D-SUB PCB R/A FM GOLD FLASH 15P BLK
SDF-40J1Circular DIN Connectors 3 13 Positions, Receptacle, Right Angle, Through Hole, Shielded, Standard Circular DIN Connector
10129381-910001BLF1Headers & Wire Housings ECONOSTIK HEADER DR VT TH 2X5
M20-99940461Headers & Wire Housings 40 SIL VERTICAL PIN HEADER TIN
39-53-22651FFC & FPC Connectors 1.25MM 26P VERT CONN ZIF THRU-HOLE
4842-6000-CP2IC & Component Sockets 42P DUAL WIPE DIPSKT
LM385D-1-21Voltage References 1.2V Micro Pwr
SN74LS08D1Logic Gates Quad 2-Input
SN74LS166AD1Counter Shift Registers Serial-out shift Registers
SN74F00D1Logic Gates Quad 2 Input
SN74F125D1Buffers & Line Drivers Tri-State Quad Bus
SN74F373DWR1Latches Octal DTYPE Transparent Latches
SN74F86D1Logic Gates Quad 2 Input
SN74HC4066DT2Analogue Switch ICs Quadruple Bilateral Analog Switches
M24C08-RMN6TP1EEPROM 16Kbit 8Kbit 4Kbit 2Kb and 1Kb Serial
LF353DR3Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps Dual JFET Op Amp
LM358D1Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps Dual Low Power
MAX232CSE+1RS-232 Interface IC +5V-Powered, Multichannel RS-232 Drivers/Receivers
AF0805FR-071KL1Thick Film Resistors - SMD 1 kOhms 125 mW 0805 1%
CRCW0805470RFKEAC2Thick Film Resistors - SMD 1/8Watt 470ohms 1% Commercial Use
CRCW08054K70FKEAC2Thick Film Resistors - SMD 1/8Watt 4.7Kohms 1% Commercial Use
150080YS750001Standard LEDs - SMD WL-SMCW SMDMono TpVw Waterclr 0805 Yellow
150080RS750001Standard LEDs - SMD WL-SMCW SMDMono TpVw Waterclr 0805 Red
150080VS750001Standard LEDs - SMD WL-SMCW SMDMono TpVw Waterclr 0805 BrtGrn
Thick Film Resistors - SMD 0 Ohms 125 mW 0805 1%
PJRAN1X1U04X1RCA Phono Connectors 1P RA PH JK YELLO