This is a Co-Operation work between Róbert Tihanyi and me (John Hertell).

Where Róbert have done all the tracing and I helped with innerlayerwork etc. Pictures of work at bottom of this post.

What is new?

It is based on Amiga 4000 RevD CR that is the last version of the board.
it had a possability of having a 030 cpu onboard. It had 2MB Chipmem soldered directly to the motherboard.
also Battery is not rechargable.

We added Buffered H and V sync so hotswapping of RGB port would not kill ALICE. also using cheaper cables will not make the Amiga not to boot up as other cables could do.
Added the 64MB memoryhack that is common to do on the older rev, so signals for this was re-added to the board. to enable this you just put in 470Ohm resistors at the marked memlocation (and remove the 0ohm resistors) and then the GAL needed. however remember this is EXPERIMENTAL and result may vary.

Added the “normal” kickstartswitch using 27C800 proms and 2 banks of kickstarts on that prom selected by a jumper close to SIMM sockets.
Added a Reset header also added NMI (IRQ7) Header.
Added possability to use a modern delayline instead of the not in production DIL version.

and as usual some blinkenlights. (fully optional)

Remember when building the board, there is a resistor that you R155 or R145 should only populate depending of if you have a CPU onboard or not.

Anyway buildinstructions etc WILL come at later times.


sure Download it at:

Buildlocator is available at:

We DO know that there are the ALICE Project by Hese but we decided to do this to get a way to troubleshoot machines with Sprint and why not have new boards.
Gerbers is NOT based on Heses work at all, this is all done from original Commodore boards.

So Róbert sanded an broken Amiga 4000 RevD-CR:

The the normal work in Sprint Layout.