The ReAmiga project

What is the ReAmiga project?

The ReAmiga project is simply put a project I started to get replacement PCBs for broken Amiga Computers.

Technically the project never intended to make new machines, it is more to try to salvage what is possible from the old machine.

It started with the A3640 68040 card for the Amiga 4000 (and at rev 3.1 also the A3000) that usually died, this due to leakage of the capacitors damaging traces and VIAs. At first I replicated the pcb just to be able to have a way to see what pin goes where. The first file I did was not possible to do on a PCB, but later a boored day I cleaned it up and actially DID a testorder of a PCB. AND to my surprice, it worked..

This I then later developed to the A3660, where I just “simply” added the 68040->68060 adapter into that board and showed at Amiga32..

This inspired me to go on. And as I very often spend atleast 1 week a time at a hotel in Gothenburg for work. I asked what is next. the A1200 came up.. I did that. Then tbtorro told me that a good name for this would be “ReAmiga” I liked it so I adapted it. Things is simple: First I do a 1:1 copy of the board. USUALLY in Sprint Layout as it is a simple program for reverse engineering (BUT! TERRIBlE for editing, especially advanced boards, THAT is another thing.. but the ability to have a scanned picture as a background to draw traces on is INCREDIBLE nice for reverse jobs)

as I am of the nature of simple: If I want it. I do it. anyone have issues with it? then it is THEIR issue… I get shit done.. do not overcomplicate shit. so. yeah. the ReAmiga was “invented” not overengineering etc.. Anyway. I did small modifications of the 1200. changed the composite output etc using a friends design. (HEY! i AM totally selfthaught. I am NOT a electronic engineer I have NOT gone to any school or anything!) and did small changes..

SO What the ReAmiga project is? SIMPLY put: it is a way to get replacement PCBs for our beloved Amigas. AND in some cases extras..
I do SMALL slight changes of the original concept but it IS for replacements and NOT overengineering. just have shit done. and most important: I am NOT doing this for the money so ALL files of the ReAmiga project is open! I try to have most of my files open for the public with small exceptions..

I will also do some replacement PCBs for other harware. open or closed. that depends.. I would hope more is inspired doing replacement PCBs etc and LET IT BE OPEN!.. The Amiga community had it with closed shit.

More discussions can be done on facebook:


There are no warranty or guarantee! there might be issues with board, it might need future patches etc.. and that is simply what it is! if this is something you cannot accept:
not my problem, do some one elses project instead.. This is just plainly a hobbyproject and well “thats it”