This is the 68030 CPU card for the Amiga 4000.

Originally for the Amiga 3200/3400 that was the prototype of what became the A4000.
it originally had support for both 68020 and 68030. you can still populate a 68020 on it but it will require special GAL chips on both cpu card and motherboard.. so simply skip that.. (now you know what that extra QFP is for)

Amiga 4000 Originally had 68EC030, you can populate a full 68030 but never tested MMU functionality!..

Not much to say. install passives, 030 and optional FPU and run. no extra ICs needed.
no idea why commodore populated 2 TTL chips on, they was never used.

Download gerbers and sprintfile: http://www.reamiga.info/webfiles/A3630/A3630.zip

Locator found at: http://locator.reamiga.info/locator.php?project=A3630

Technically I released this ages ago. “nonofficial” but here it is. tested and cleaned up!